Terms of Travel - International Bus Lines

Tickets / Fares

Tickets are non-transferable and may only be used by the person to whom the ticket is issued. Passengers aged 26-59 years pay full fare. Young people aged 12-25 years incl. and seniors aged 60+ are given a 10% reduction of the adult fare. There is a 10% discount for all students presenting a valid student card. Children aged 4-11 years incl. are given a 50% reduction on the adult fare. Infants aged 0-3 years incl. are allowed a 80% reduction on the adult fare. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to travel unless accompanied by an adult of at least 18 years of age. Special fares are made for groups of at least 11 persons. Return tickets are valid for 6 months from the date of departure. Eurolines reserves the right to alter fares and timetables without notice. Promotional tickets have different conditions which will be specified on the ticket and/or on confirmation.

Booking / Reservation

Booking is obligatory. If the date of the homeward journey cannot be fixed before departure, the ticket will be an »open return« ticket. A minimum of 48 hours prior to the preferred travel date is required for booking »open return« tickets. Eurolines cannot guarantee the availability of seats on the desired travel date. A Booking fee of 30 DKK/SEK/NOK or 4 EUR will be charged per passenger irrespective of the type of ticket. This fee is non-refundable.


The Passenger may change the ticket for 30 DKK/SEK/NOK until 24 hours before departure at Eurolines Scandinavia. Amendments with less than 24 hours´ notice cost 100 DKK/SEK/NOK – regardless if the ticket is Scandinavian or a partner ticket. Special Fares and Promotional Tickets cannot be changed / altered. After departure, it is not possible to change or refund a ticket.


Paid tickets which are cancelled at Eurolines Scandinavia with more than 48 hours´ notice will be refunded 75%. If the ticket is cancelled less than 48 hours before departure, 50% of the ticket fare will be refunded. However, if the ticket is not cancelled before departure time, no refund is given. If the ticket is lost or stolen, no refund is granted. Repayment can only take place where the ticket has been bought. Special Fares and Promotional Tickets cannot be cancelled or altered.


Besides hand luggage, passengers are allowed to bring two suitcases of not more than 80 X 50 X 30 cm each. One extra piece of luggage may be brought if a fee of DKK/SEK/NOK 100 or EUR 15 is paid. The size of this fee may not be the same in all countries. This fee must be paid in the nearest Eurolines office. On certain distances, luggage fees may occur. Passengers are not allowed to bring animals, packing boxes/ cartons, bicycles, skis and prams on the coaches. However, on certain departures to and from Norway the passenger are allowed to bring one pair of skis and boots. These will considered as one piece of luggage. All luggages must clearly indicate the passengers name, address and destination.

Responsibility for luggage

Passengers are responsible for getting their luggage onto the correct coach in connection with loading and change of coach. Lost and damaged luggage will not be compensated. Claims for compensation must be made to the passenger’s own insurance company. Eurolines recommends that all passengers take out special luggage insurance.

Lost luggage

Lost luggage found in the coaches will be stored in Stockholm or Copenhagen for 4 weeks. A service fee of 100 DKK/SEK/NOK or EUR 15 will be charged upon collection.

Liability of the passenger

All passengers are obliged to follow the rules given by the Eurolines staff.

Obligations of the passenger

Passengers must be at the departure point 30 minutes before departure time. In Hamburg, Amsterdam and Brussels, passengers check-in not later than 30 minutes before departure time. Paris and London: 60 min. On demand, valid travelling identification/passport and visa must be presented.

Regular stops

In connection with pauses and ferry crossings, it is the responsibility of the passenger to return to the coach on the announced time. If the traveller is not back in due time, Eurolines will not be liable for the passenger’s further transport and extra expenses.


Neither coach drivers nor passengers are allowed to smoke on board the coaches. It is also not allowed to consume or bring alcohol into our buses nor to travel drunk, the driver has in this case the right to refuse access on the bus. These tickets will not be refunded or altered.

Change of coach

Change of coaches may take place on Eurolines’ services. Please ask your sales person.


All passengers must have a valid passport and visa. If a passenger is detained for passport examination, the coach will not wait, as it must observe the timetable. Further transport will take place at the passenger’s own expense.

Liability of Eurolines

Eurolines will not be liable for delays due to unforeseen conditions such as strikes, traffic blocks, bad weather, catastrophes or other instances of force majeure. In case of late arrivals, Eurolines will not refund expenses for further transport, hotel accommodation etc.


All complaints must be in writing and should be addressed to the Eurolines office where the ticket was bought no later than 4 weeks after the journey. A response time of up to 7 weeks should be expected.